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Duck Hospital

Has time been unkind to your Bundy Decoy?

Over the years we’ve been able to help many a distraught or embarrassed Bundy Duck owner with repair issues on their decoys. Time is unkind, as we all know. It’s amazing what can happen to a wooden carving, lovingly cared for in someone’s home:

  • a housekeeping boo-boo
  • your kids thought it would fly
  • a flood event
  • your new puppy loves it
  • your cat hates it
Here at the hospital we can repair your damaged Bundy decoy and it will be good as new. Our fees vary according to damage to the piece. Call us for an estimate of repair charges.

We can help! The DECOY DOCTOR is IN! BUNDY DECOY HOSPITAL - 1-800-387-3831

Your duck is not dead! The Bundy Decoy Doctor is ready to help. Call 1-800-387-3831 Is this goose cooked? No way! Bundy Decoy Doctor to the rescue…1-800-387-3831

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