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Richard Parker introduces the future of Social Network Marketing in a presentation to the California Cheese & Butter Association.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / April 14, 2011 - On Saturday evening, April 9th, Creative Direction President and Creative Director Richard Parker addressed the 46th Annual Convention of the California Cheese & Butter Association (CCBA) in Berkeley, California, with news of the next evolution in Social Network Marketing. The meeting, held at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in San Francisco's East Bay Area, was comprised of members of the country's largest segment of the dairy, butter and cheese industry. Subjects covered in the two-day speakers' agenda included marketing, distribution, dairy operations, and research, to name just a few.

The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the potential of a new level of marketing for Social Networks to those cheese and butter related businesses that are looking for every advantage in marketing more effectively and cost efficiently. Surveys and research were used to show how this next stage of development is focusing on new programs to get targeted prospects and customers to participate and buy products and services in a Social Media environment. Mr. Parker provided sourced and relevant information and examples designed to inspire those in the CCBA and cheese and butter industry to begin practicing Social Network Marketing for a better and more accountable return on their marketing investment.

In his speech, Mr. Parker addressed key issues in the rapidly changing world of online marketing through Social Media strategies. They included how to reach the key population segment of Millennials or Generation Y, how to develop integrated programs, and examples of current state-of-the-art programs that have redefined Social Network Marketing principles in more advanced ways of targeting individuals with similar interests in an online community environment.

At the end of his presentation to the CCBA, Parker summarized in his speech what is now happening and what will happen in the very near future. "First of all, Social Network Marketing will continue to grow with budgets increasing about two-thirds each year. Second, with budgets up 80% in 2010 and technology continuing to grow quickly in smart phones, mobile will succeed desktops and laptops as the primary computer device in 2013. E-commerce will become common place for online purchase through social sites. And video will become the predominant tool for information delivery, especially for marketing communications. Creative Direction has considerable experience in agriculture - especially dairy, cheese and food, And we are looking forward to helping existing and new clients in these industries to succeed in growing their businesses."

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