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My name is Richard Parker. By all accounts, I am an accomplished Creative Director. My background is that of an Art Director, Writer, Creative Director, and Entrepreneur.

My company, Creative Direction, Inc., is a marketing communications practice dedicated to helping businesses grow. Although we provide a full range of services for our clients, we have special expertise in direct response and online marketing, respectively the largest and the fastest growing segments of the advertising world.

In addition to being better, cheaper and faster, there are more reasons why you should consider working directly with me as a Creative Director.

  • 1. You can learn a lot from the successes of others. Experience with a diversity of clients has exposed me to many unique marketing scenarios. Billions of dollars in sales have been generated from the lessons learned and from which I can share.
  • 2. Great Creators know how to take care of business. A Creative Director's bio should be about more than just words and images. I bring to the party an ability to engage enthusiastically with clients. Understand business issues. And think strategically. My business ownership and management experience is a bonus.
  • 3. Creativity rules. Marketing communications strategies perform best when there is great creative execution. My 1,500+ awards say Account Supervisors, Account Managers, Media Directors, or New Business Gurus will not create great marketing communications programs for you. Only a Creative Director can do that.

The world has become much smaller. With today's technology tools, there is no need for large masses of people to be involved in the development of creative materials. We have a small but expert support staff that allows me to work directly with our clients in helping them grow their businesses. The support includes data, technology, mailshop, media, and merchandising. So 100% of my time is spent working on solving client problems and developing creative solutions for them. That way, projects get done with less expense, on a higher creative level, and much faster than with a traditional agency process.

We prefer to work with a few good clients who want to do great work, save money and get the job done quickly. And all we ask is consideration for a shot at one project. Just one. Because we know a satisfied client comes back for more. Check out the rest of our web site. Learn about our client experience. Read through the short bio. Then send e-mail to or call 317.984.4444.

Creatively Yours,

Richard Parker
Creative Director

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