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Creative Direction introduces WWWebworX, an online marketing aid for driving more visitors to web sites.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / JUNE 25 - On June 25, 2009, Creative Direction, a central Indiana based marketing communications company, announced the implementation of WWWebworX™ to help their clients take advantage of the opportunity to make more money through internet related sales. Despite the economy, online marketing remains the fastest growing of all marketing disciplines. WWWebworX was developed by Creative Direction as a proprietary process designed to help select the most effective online marketing tactical programs that attract more visitors to web sites, portals or landing pages.

WWWebworX helps select the best choices of the basic online marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Site Submission, Paid Search Engine Marketing, Viral Video Distribution, Online Advertising, News Releases via Online Newswire, News Releases via E-mail, E-mail Blasts, Affinity Partnerships, and Social Networking. Its purpose is to assist in making them more effective and cost efficient by determining which ones are most relevant and how much of each to apply to achieve the highest impact in driving more visitors to a specified online destination. WWWebworX does this by scoring the relevance of the fifteen factors (Brand, Cost, Culture, Demonstration, Domain, Entertainment, Frequency, News, Reach, Search, Speed, Synergy, Targeting and Term) that determine which tactical programs yield the most value.

WWWebworX Performance Indicators of the secure online administrative tracking capability reports the metrics of selected tactical programs on the fly. This provides the ability to respond to impact issues with actionable information, give guidance for enhancing or revising ongoing programs, or enable campaigns to be fine tuned for better performance. WWWebworX fills the gap where many online marketers just pick programs that are most familiar. According to Richard Parker, President and Creative Director of Creative Direction, "We use it to target those among the 1,596,270,108 people online who have an affinity with our clients' businesses and to get more prospects and customers to visit their specific web sites and pages."

Creative Direction has produced a free PowerPoint presentation that explains the basics of WWWebworX. Those who would like a copy can get it by sending an e-mail or making a phone call to the contact information listed below.

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