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Creative Direction introduces a seminar with a new perspective on using social networking as a marketing tool.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / July 23, 2010 - Creative Direction, Inc., a marketing communications practice dedicated to helping businesses grow, has expanded by offering social media marketing services. Although providing a wide range of services, the company is known nationally for its expertise in direct response and online marketing, respectively the largest and fastest growing segments of all marketing disciplines. Social networking marketing now allows the firm's clients to benefit in reaching new audiences seeking specific content and relationships online for personal and business purposes.

The new seminar, How Social Networking Will Change The Way You Do Business Forever, was initially created for Indiana small business audiences of up to 250 employees. Sponsored by CISCO, the presentation was first showcased at an IMAX theater on June 24th featuring Creative Direction's President and Creative Director, Richard Parker, as the keynote speaker. The turnout was 50% more than the RSVPs with over than half of the attendees requesting copies of the presentation to be sent to them by e-mail.

The seminar starts with a definition of Social Networking from a purely social science point of view. It then develops the need for a different mindset to successfully capture a social media driven audience. It explains how to implement Social Media tactical programs and ends with a schematic build visual that shows how a company's marketing communications plan can integrate a Social Networking strategy into a complete marketing program. "The entire seminar is loaded with recent, sourced research and studies that support our content", said Mr. Parker in a recent interview. "Since the first presentation, we have added more material that shows how Social Networking is changing our culture even physiologically. The take-away is critical for marketers who want to stay on top of the vast changes our society is going through in the way audiences - particularly Generation Y members - embrace or reject marketing communications and other messages."

Creative Direction is now making Richard Parker available to present to businesses and groups interested in learning more about how to make Social Networking become a dynamic marketing tool for their own companies. An accomplished speaker on marketing communications topics ranging from creative development to online marketing, Parker's seminar can be tailored in length or content to address B2B and/or B2C audiences. To inquire about scheduling, get in touch with Creative Direction using the contact information that follows.

Dedicated to helping businesses grow, Creative Direction provides direct mail, online marketing, broadcast, outdoor and print advertising, public relations, e-commerce, and social marketing services to a wide variety of clients all over the country. For more information, visit the company's web site at To contact Creative Direction call 765-883-8431, or send e-mail to

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