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Creative Direction launches Social Networks That Do, a way for businesses to build, populate and manage their own social network.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / September 1, 2011 - Creative Direction, a marketing technology company located in Indianapolis, Indiana, has announced a new venture designed to help businesses get the most out of social networking. The new company, Social Networks That Do, helps businesses customize, grow, control, and watch their own social network grow.

Social Networks That Do is a white label or private brand web site media platform with robust features designed to help businesses or organizations take advantage of the revolution in social network marketing. It helps businesses grow by providing a value-priced and easy-to-manage way to build a branded social network around their own company's products, services, events, activities and attributes. It is the latest and best way to target, attract, develop, and retain prospects and customers who contribute, collaborate, and share in similar interests.

The social network phenomenon has spawned a new style of communication that has caused a substantial change in the way products and services are marketed or promoted today. As of March 31, 2011, social network members total 1 billion on an internet serving over 2 billion users. Facebook, as an example, now has 750,000,000 members and Twitter sends out over 1 billion tweets every day. The Social Networks That Do new web site was developed to showcase a unique approach to social network marketing and allows those interested to contribute and share content in order to try out blogs, forums, videos, news, and many other features.

Richard Parker, President and Creative Director of Creative Direction, the parent company of Social Networks That Do, said to an audience at a pre-launch technology event on Friday, August 25th, "Everyone's invited to visit and join as a member so they can see what it would be like to have a proprietary social network customized for their very own business."

In addition to the ability for each client to customize and brand their social network, Social Networks That Do also provides email, integration with existing social networks, news release and newswire programs designed to attract the types of members targeted by the host company by geography, demographics, media and industry type. The program also allows connecting to a social network mobile site for members on the go. "We have also built in a tracking and reporting function that will help clients measure site activity and watch how fast their social network grows," said Parker.

Social Networks That Do allows businesses to build, populate and manage their own social networks. Social Networks That Do is a Creative Direction, Inc. company that is designed to help businesses grow through the innovative application of marketing technology. To see how the new social network site works or to get more information, visit the web site at To contact Social Networks That Do directly, call 765-883-8431, or send e-mail to

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