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Creative Direction and DairyBusiness Communications announce AgworX, a strategic marketing partnership.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / September 7, 2010 - Creative Direction, Inc. and DairyBusiness Communications have announced a strategic partnership to help agriculture and related specialty foods clients grow their businesses. Both companies have been working together for nearly a decade and a half providing technology, marketing communications programs, data, and multi-media solutions for marketers. And both offer high quality, one-stop solutions for consumer and B2B companies of all types, sizes, and budgets. The strategic alliance is called: AgworX.

Creative Direction has been providing marketing communications solutions since 1993 with an excellent track record of delivering great ROI for clients. The company has built a reputation based on innovative ideas designed to help growing companies maximize their shareholder value by driving sales. Although the company delivers a full roster of services, it specializes in direct response marketing with significant expertise in direct mail, social network marketing, and print advertising - respectively the largest, fastest growing, and most valued of all marketing disciplines today. Richard Parker, Creative Direction's President and Creative Director, said at the announcement, "We have a lot of experience in the ag and dairy industry and our ability to work with DairyBusiness Communications in a more integrated fashion is a natural for both companies and of great benefit to advertisers and marketers."

DairyBusiness Communications has provided the dairy business with media solutions for more than a century. Eastern DairyBusiness, Western DairyBusiness, and HolsteinWorld magazines now provide circulation to all 100+ head herds in the U.S. They reach a gross total of 11,412,754 milking cows with a combined circulation of 27,577. Although the publications' award-winning editorial content addresses different dairying practices throughout the country, emphasis is placed on regional issues. Official ag expo program publications, the DairyLine radio network, DairyProfit Weekly, and five online properties (which report 2,786,287 visitors annually) provide a great communications mix in media.

Third generation publisher and principal in DairyBusiness, Joel Hastings, commented on the new approach to help advertisers and marketers grow, "We are driven to make our marketing communications programs provide more value and be more responsive to our dairy and ag clients as well as related specialty foods business interests such as our new Say Cheese magazine, subscription and free cheese and specialty foods section point of purchase distribution, and the associated web site, More information about the Creative Direction, DairyBusiness and Say Cheese magazine marketing partnership can be found at

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