One of a campaign of large black and white newspaper ads for the Citizens for the Future of Westfield (CFW), an Indiana town that successfully blocked the 45th consecutive annexation by a neighboring city.


For those of you left speechless by Carmel's forced Involuntary Annexation, we offer a few words of wisdom:

For those who thought Carmel's Involuntary Annexation was a foregone conclusion, we have a more intelligent alternative.

The Town of Westfield has made an offer to residents in the affected annexation area to become part of Westfield. And if more than 65% of the property owners sign the Westfield Consensual Annexation Petition, they'll not only escape the clutches of a forced annexation, they'll enjoy a multitude of incentives and benefits.

For example, after ten years under Carmel's Involuntary Annexation, city taxes for property owners in developments in the annexed area with a taxable value of $250,000 would cost $2,794 more than under Westfield's Consensual Annexation plan. Indeed Carmel has stated that taxes will increase for its annexed subjects by more than 22% as soon as 206 under its forced Involuntary Annexation.

But under the Westfield Consensual Annexation plan, residents in developed communities will not even pay Westfield town or city taxes until 2008. At that time, a tax abatement program of phased-in taxes will begin and residents will not pay full town or city taxes until 2011. Finally, under Westfield's Consensual Annexation plan, agricultural properties would pay no taxes at all.

So signing the Westfield Consensual Annexation Petition is not only a smart thing to do. It will save money in taxes. It will provide more representation in government. It will afford better services. It will control land uses. And you will be a participant in the process rather than an exclusion.

We are the Citizens for the Future of Westfield (CFW), and we urge you to learn about the facts so you can make wise decisions. Your neighbors will be knocking on your door soon to ask for your signature, so be ready to sign. Or visit the "Choose Westfield" tent at the Centennial Days Celebration from 1:00 to 9:00 PM on Saturday, September 11th. You can sign the petition there and meet your friends, neighbors and State Senator Jeff Drozda who can help answer any questions you might have. Centennial is located south of 156thh Street on Springmill Road. If you want to volunteer your help, call 317-669-7885 or send e-mail to

For more information, visit the CFW web site at For a better future, "Chose Westfield".

"Choose Westfield."

Sign up before it's too late. For more facts, visit

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