Full color, full page ad campaign for DairyBusiness Communications.


You can't get by on good looks alone.
Who says beauty is only skin deep.
We're a lot more than a pretty face.

Announcing the new Western DairyBusiness magazine design. Even though every page has received a dramatic makeover, we know good looks will only get you so far.

That's why we've also set out to redesign the www.DairyBusiness.com website to make the combined magazine and internet experience more relevant than any other in the dairy industry.

Readership studies have shown that subscribers and readers overwhelmingly prefer a combination of offline and online communications. Apparently, dairy producers feel they can take magazine anywhere on the dairy. And the website can take them anywhere in the dairy world.

Both are part of DairyBusiness Communications which provides the most integrated media solutions in the dairy business.

What does that mean to you? Call 800-334-1094 ext. 207. Send e-mail to sales@dairybusiness.com. Or visit www.relevantfactors.com.

And learn all about the most relevant media in the dairy business.

The most relevant media in the dairy business.

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