Full color postcard campaign using Personalized URLs (PURLs) and landing page for a Vets membership acquisition program for The American Legion.


Because you were proud to serve, The American Legion is proud to make you this offer.

Join The American Legion and take pride in living the values that make our country great.

Join the American Legion and take pride in helping Vets get more programs and legislative help.

Richard, join the Legion and get a $10 iTunes® gift card!

For your gift, logon to your personal invitation at:


Or call Customer Service at 888-805-6180.

We know you're proud to have served your country. Richard, The American Legion wants to thank you for your service by providing an opportunity to join up with your fellow Veterans to take advantage of a long list of special programs. They include help with Veterans benefits and issues, legislative efforts on behalf of Vets, and support for the values that have made our country great.

Join by September 30, 2011, and get a $10 iTunes® gift card. Right now, we'll send you a $10 iTunes® gift card when you sign up for a $25 one-year membership. To find out more about what the Legion can do for Vets like you, just visit your personal web page listed above.

© 2011 The American Legion. All rights reserved. iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this program.

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Three more reasons fro a Vet to join the Legion now:
Grandpa Belonged. Dad joined. And a $10 iTunes gift card..

Join The American Legion now. Become a member by August 31, 2010, and get a $10 iTunes® card. iTunes® is America's downloadable entertainment collection that includes music, movies, TV shows, apps, games, podcasts and more. It plays all media on a MAC, PC or iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

Simply click on the JOIN NOW button above. It will take you to a secure online page on the American Legion web site where you can use a credit card. Membership is only $25. And when you join, you will receive your $10 iTunes® card by mail right away.

Thank you for finding out more about membership in The American Legion. Over the years, The American Legion has been dedicated to serving more than 2.5 million current members and millions of past members who have served honorably during eligible war eras. Vets deserve and get more programs, benefits, discounts and help from the Legion than you might realize. Those advantages include assistance with Veterans benefits, health care, education, careers and more. It also includes special discounts on everything from mortgage services and vision care to prescription drugs and auto club services. And there are plenty of opportunities and activities to volunteer and participate in.The American Legion wants to thank you for your service by providing an opportunity to join up with fellow Veterans to support the values that have made our country great. Like patriotism. Service to our youth. National security. Community service. And legislation issues for Veterans just like you.

There's no better time than now fro you to join. The first year of membership costs only $25. And if you become a member before August 31, 2010, you will get a $10 iTunes® card. Just click on the "JOIN NOW" button.

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