An online table top photography book of one of the most beautiful secret areas in Maryland by David Simpson, photographer and film director.


The Bend
Sometimes there is no getting around it. So private sometimes only the light slips in. So remote just around the corner is always an unexpected surprise.

Not far from the cranny. The water here is so smooth and languid. Magic floats across the surface and can play tricks on your mind if you're not careful.

A secret spot. A respite. A little hideaway. Far from the fish and the fisherman. Far from the school of fish and the school children on a field trip.

There are good days and bad days. But when the light is just right. And when the water ripples just so. The surface can mirror your hopes and dreams.

Michelangelo could have painted this on the Sistine chapel ceiling. God's finger touching finger to create Adam. Bough touching water to create possibilities.

What Will Be
Only from the distance and darkness can you see the light. The morning begins. The fog lifts. The sun warms the air and plays across the water. Oh, perfect day.

Early Bird
Only the first to venture out can truly appreciate the first light. The perfect mist. The long stretches of early morning sun. The shadow layers soon to vanish.

Pull Over
Park your anxieties for awhile. Curb your enthusiasm for the madness. Fish for more than compliments. Fortunately, the traffic is not heavy at this time of the morning.

Did you hear the one about the two men who sought only to catch fish but did not catch the day's passing parade? Curious, those fishermen.

Play Misty
Is it Mother Nature's film crew that makes the movie smoke do its magic? How does the director get the fog to lift its veil on cue? Truly a mystery.

Fowl Play
A perfect day to watch the silly people. They cannot float on the water without expensive contrivances. Nor catch fish at will. And they must leave at the end of the day.

Sitting On The Fence
Fly to the distant shore and explore? Stay put and hope for more? Rise up and greet the day? Wait to be scared away?

Be wary of the homo sapiens. Watch their every move. They have no wings. They possess no fins. They are not fur-bearing. What are they doing here amongst us?

Observation Deck
The man observed is not looking for the perfect scene for a photo. Nor a place to catch fish. Or to swim. He must be looking for some peace and quiet.

Cloud Nine
Have the earth, wind, and water ascended into the sky? Or have the heavens truly touched down to share the everlasting beauty with us mortals. Probably the latter.

Hard Winter
A hard winter is just that. Stiff limbs, firm ground and solid rock. In the reservoir, the ice that was once fluid is just as resolute.

How deep is the snow? What kind of animal tracks are those? What kinds of birds are those silhouetted against the cathedral sky? What is over the hill?

The Path
A path begins at the onset of an idea and ends at the limits of imagination.

By Degrees
The oldest and wisest trees stay clear of the shoreline in the winter. It is only the young and inexperienced saplings who venture forth to the edge of uncertainty.

Retirees migrate to Florida. Pigs wallow in the mud. Wolves travel in a pack. Bees gather in a hive. Birds of a feather flock together. Sometimes in the most unusual places.

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