"On St. Patrick's Day each year the FOP Auxiliary Lodge #86 hosts a St. Patricks Day an event to raise funds for a variety of ways to aid police officers in Marion County, Indiana.  FMX DJ's Brian Morris has served as the DJ for this event for the past ten years.  Brian has always been prompt and enjoyable to work with.  He has always been accommodating to any special requests that we might have such as special music requests especially from the girls hosting the event.  FMX DJs is a huge part of our fundraising efforts.  He is always reminding the guests of the importance of our events.  We have a lot of activities going on throughout the evening and he is always happy to announce the night's events and help find winners of all of the goodies given throughout the night.

In addition, FMX DJs has also assisted with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department "Clothe a Child" program held each December to provide clothing and toys to under-privileged children in the Indianapolis area.  The children all enjoy the music Brian plays and have a great time dancing!  As a great DJ should be, Brian knows how to coral the restless kids and get them up dancing and having a great memorable time.  FMX DJs is always first on our list to call.  Our program wouldn't be successful without their talent!

Brian always plays age-appropriate music that meets the tastes of the individuals attending the events.  He is very attentive to the guests of the events and knows what to do to get a party started!"

Julie Black, FOP Auxiliary President, Clothe a Child Committee

"A friend told me that we just had to call FMX DJs and I am glad we did. They were so helpful and courteous and the music was fantastic.".

~ Joanne Anderson, Carmel, IN

"Brian, thank you so much for your help with our event. Being able to turn over the entertainment to you and knowing it was taken care of really helped. You were even better than everyone said you were. I'll recommend you to anyone.."

~ Robert Turner, Shelbyville, IN







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