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We developed and host a Pfizer Animal Health microsite which features videos we created of experts discussing issues on milk quality for interested dairy producers.


Social Network Marketing is the newest marketing and sales paradigm. And from a business perspective, it is simply a natural evolution of our changing society as it relates to "getting closer to the customer" and providing an attractive value exchange to lure "customers-to-be".

A tough economy has been a major factor in driving businesses to adopt social media marketing in greater numbers. That's according to "The State of the Small Business Report" from Network Solutions and the University of Maryland. As an example, small business usage increased by 50% in 2009.

More facts? 73% expect to identify and attract new customers - 61% do. 56% want to develop higher awareness within their target market - 52% do. And reports current marketing budgets have increased 62.5% for social media spending in the past year. In addition, more Social Networking tactics are being integrated with e-mail efforts for many businesses. They report increasing click-through rates from 7.2% to 11.2%.

But enough with statistics. Why are some marketers maximizing ROI in Social Networking marketing while others are not? Easy. Successful Social Networks are built by people with great ideas, not the latest gadget. Too many businesses are focusing on Social Networking technology before clarifying objectives and developing clear strategies.

Allowing for user-generated content is a worthy first step but is not enough to make Social Network marketing powerful. Defining what that content will be, what form it will take, and how it will result in sales is the crucial next step. The goal is to develop networks people want to join. Because building a Social Network is really creating a virtual social environment. Its distinctive shape and nature will be what ultimately builds community. So, be creative. Think beyond the confines of the Facebook or MySpace model.

That's how we look at Social Networking marketing at Creative Direction.

We are now making Richard Parker, President and Creative Director, available to present to businesses and groups interested in learning more about how to make Social Networking become a dynamic marketing tool for their own companies. An accomplished speaker on many marketing communications topics, Parker's seminar can be tailored in length or content to address B2B and/or B2C audiences. To inquire about scheduling, get in touch with Creative Direction by contacting us at or by calling 765-883-8431.