Marketing is not voodoo. It is the art of commerce for solving business problems that usually involve sales. A sort of combination of right and left brain thinking for the rest of us. There are many marketing disciplines that provide big bang for the buck if done properly. They are the tools with which we choose to help our clients grow and prosper. These solutions are listed here to review for any marketing communications project.

Although the Creative Direction staff has extensive experience in many areas of marketing, we generally approach every project with generating leads for sales as the primary objective. In today's business world, sales is almost always the number one problem when prospects or clients call. So, it should come as no surprise that we normally consider some variant of a direct marketing solution as the most effective strategy to maximize shareholder value for our clients.

The tools we use to understand and plan programs for our clients include a Creative Brief document for individual projects and a Marketing Audit interview for large or long term programs and relationships. For every job, we develop a complete proposal and agreement that includes the overall situation analysis, summary, recommendation, description, deliverables, budget, timeline, terms and change order process for authorization before we start. Whenever possible, we monitor every project to track activity, post results, and share in the evaluation when the program is completed.

Creative Direction and the staff has a very long list of client experience. And we feel our clients profit from our broad range of client knowledge and successes. They have included well known, large corporations as well as a great many small to medium size companies including government and non-profit organizations.

For a no-obligation, half hour presentation of how marketing communications solutions can enhance your bottom line, please call Creative Direction at 765-883-8431 or send e-mail to It might be the best thirty minute investment you ever make in your company's future.