Creative Direction has a long history of marketing on the internet. From working with the very first commercial World Wide Web business, Dow Jones News Retrieval, until today, staffers have created web sites that have served visitors in the hundreds of millions. In fact, www.creativedirection.com has been around for almost two decades. From the first Super Bowl web site to live concerts online to e-commerce businesses, the Creative Direction staff has been marketing online for a long time. In fact, we have developed and maintain our own online e-commerce businesses for years, including the world's first fully illustrated action and adventure internet novel. So we know first hand what it takes to develop, design, program, maintain and promote web sites online.

Creative Direction also develops and supports e-commerce business with full-featured, turn-key e-commerce web sites that provide everything a company would need to implement an outstanding e-commerce sales strategy. Our Creative Commerce solutions are full capability marketing driven e-commerce programs designed to help small and medium sized businesses grow and prosper through online sales.

E-commerce has consistently grown at an astounding pace for the past ten years. Since December 2000, retail sales have averaged 1.8% growth in any 12 month period while e-commerce sales have averaged 25% in the same period. In addition, the same research showed shoppers of all types prefer online sales to store visits. Buyers feel they get a better deal. They can shop at home, the office, or on the road any time, night or day. And purchases are delivered right to their door.*

At Creative Direction, we've made online sales easy and affordable. Creative Commerce includes all the design, security, service, and technology features possible - everything that lets you concentrate on what you do best, run your business. We develop, host, and manage our sites. We help organize products, services, copy, and shopping cart information, which includes comprehensive transaction capabilities using virtually all credit card and other payment systems. And we specialize in providing marketing programs as a part of the package that are designed to continually drive more targeted prospects to help keep increasing sales.

For a no-obligation, half hour presentation of how an e-commerce online sales strategy can enhance your bottom line, please call Creative Direction at 765-883-8431 or send e-mail to Info@CreativeDirection.com. It might be the best thirty minute investment you ever make in your company's future.